Diabesity, well I’m not sure if that is how its spelt. I heard it rather than read it.  It is, as the name suggests, the link between diabetes and obesity.  So many people have come to believe that their obesity is their fault.  Equally we have been led to believe that dieting is the answer.  But, how many diets does it take.  OK, so diet alone isn’t the answer its diet and exercise.  But then, that doesn’t seem to be the answer, as I lose it to only put it back on when the diet finishes.  I am fed up with the roller coaster of diet and weight gain, cause its true that when the weight goes back on it adds a little more each time.

I mustn’t eat fat, because fat has higher calories than proteins or carbohydrates.  Now they say that’s all wrong.  It’s carbs that are the criminal and fats are good for us.  Just what am I meant to believe.

OK lets get some facts as we know them as of now.  I write that because knowledge changes all the time, so what is true for today might not be true for tomorrow.  Companies that make diets obviously also make a lot of money, so they want to encourage the idea that diet works.  Many diets contain artificial sweeteners, in the belief that they are better than sugar NO!!  No? But surely sugar is fattening.  Yes, but the evidence that artificial sweeteners aren’t, just isn’t there.  One reason is that the sweetness on the taste buds fools the brain that we have just had calories, but the brain doesn’t get them so it now craves  them; and, well, who can resit a craving for something sweet.  Even the government are encouraging the use of these chemicals, and even for children; but they are not healthy alternatives.  They come with dangers in their own right,  Aspartame, when heated to body temperature, releases wood alcohol.  Now, I’m sure that the government do not appreciate the implications because they don’t understand the science.  Somebody must though, somebody with the knowledge and authority to stop children and adults being recommended to be poisoned.

Did you know that we have a hormone that tells us we are hungry and a hormone that decreases appetite.  Leptin decreases appetite and ghrelin increases appetite.  Leptin is made by fat cells and that makes so much sense, because we have all of those spare calories to burn so we don’t need to eat.   Sense yes, but then why doesn’t it work.  Its thought that obese people either don’t make enough leptin or their bodies have become desensitised to it.   Also, another important factor is that leptin increases metabolism, the speed at which the body burns calories.  Hey it really is the thin hormone, can I have more of that.

There would appear to be a link between insulin and leptin activity.  High levels of stress reduce insulin sensitivity and would appear to also reduce leptin sensitivity,  Stress is the biggest user of nutrients that there is, especially zinc, and zinc is important for insulin production.  The soils are becoming increasingly deficient in zinc, so inevitably is our food.  There is the diabetes connection and we all know, I think, that diabetes is on the increase.

Secretion of Ghrelin, that hormone that increases appetite, rises when we are hungry; or when calorie intake is too low.  Yeh, that too makes sense,  But does it also explain why diets that restrict calorie intake also result in later weight gain.  Stress increases ghrelin production.  Eating more increases our need for all digestive enzymes, and those enzymes are made from the nutrients that we eat; especially zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.  So could eating more could actually increase our deficiencies.  I heard yesterday, from a reliable source,  that to achieve the same nutritional value of 1 bowl of spinach grown in the 1950’s we would need 43 bowls today.  That is just shocking.

The speed that we metabolise is controlled by the hormone thyroxin.  To make thyroxin the thyroid needs iodine.  Iodine is becoming increasingly deficient in our soils so a body deficiency is becoming widespread.  Obesity due to a  lack of thyroxin is well documented.  Iodine deficiency in the UK is also well documented, but have we heard about our deficiency in iodine, not a lot. http://www.btf-thyroid.org/professionals/research-news/192-uk-is-iodine-deficient

Processed foods contain a lot of sugar, lifestyle is becoming more sedentary.    Now here is another new word obesogens.  These refer to the chemicals that are found in our food and drinks that mimic oestrogens.  BPA and Phthalates are two such groups..  Oestrogen naturally encourages the deposition of fat.

So, maybe the obesity epidemic is not simply all  the individuals fault; and diet, well not slimming diets, aren’t all the answer either.



Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Commonly called tapping

“Optimists live longer, even if they’re wrong.

Mindset has a direct influence on our ability to heal. Our thoughts, attitudes, and past traumas actually affect us on a biological level and it’s more important than ever to recognize that mental and emotional health are part of whole-body health. 

When I say “trauma,” I’m not just referring to physical injuries or accidents.

I’m talking about deep emotional wounds or painful experiences we are holding onto in the body, oftentimes subconsciously. Situations that scarred us in childhood, the shock of witnessing an act of violence, or the grief we have for a lost loved one or failed relationship can fester, harming our mental, emotional, and physical states all at once.

Most of us have been traumatized in one way or another throughout life; many of us also carry around toxic beliefs”

This is a quote from Dr Mark Hyman a Dr specialising  in Functional Medicine.  https://drhyman.com/ Functional medicine looks for causes of illness using diet, supplements and a whole raft of other alternative approaches rather than a reliance on drugs,

I have just completed a 10 day course on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) popularly known as Tapping.  It was through Dr Hyman that I embarked on this course;

What I learned was just how effective EFT can be for dispelling the power of these traumas that all of us experience in life.  Working with children with a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties I think EFT could be a very powerful adjunct to my work  After all these children experience a great deal of stress; more than most other children.  This is because their brains are frequently wired differently so that the reaction to stress is increased; their brain chemistry is frequently out of balance, so again they experience more stress.  Having a learning difficulty makes you stand out from the crowd, with frequent evidence of failure within the school day.  This in itself is stressful, and then their is the reaction of others that can easily increase this sense of failure.

I can also see it being helpful for a number of my adult clients.  Getting the brain and body chemistry right is very important but it i also imperative that the stress is reduced, as stress is the biggest user of nutrients that there is.

As Dr Hyman states we all have experience from the past that is deeply rooted in our brains,  This is important because all new experience passes through the section of the brain that stores memories and colours each and every new experience and thought.  We learn to expect what today will bring based on our past.  Socialisation, teaching children to abide by certain social rules, is important but it frequently can cause feelings of guilt, failure, I got it wrong again.

Positive affirmation has gained a lot of publicity over the last decade,  This is because of the knowledge gained that the more we use a nerve pathway the stronger it becomes.  This works both ways, so that the more we think negatively, whether that be about ourselves, others, or life in general; the more we are likely to regurgitate these thoughts and the feelings that go along with them.  The more we have positive thoughts then the more those pathways grow, to hopefully replace the negative pathways.

I have used positive affirmation,  for myself and for clients, but have always had a discomfort with  the frequent denial of the negative.  We cant be positive all of the time; and we need to deal with our negative experience not just ignore it.  Confirming the negative,  in terms of its reality, impact, and cause, and then changing the negative charge into one that allows us to be more positive is how EFT works,  Having experienced EFT for the past 10 days I have a better understanding of not only how it works, but the fact that it does.  As Jessica Ortner http://www.jessicaortner.com/ one of the creators of the course  said  “to clear the garden of weeds, you first have to see the weeds”

More tomorrow


Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have seen two boys within days of each other diagnosed with ASD.  I found both of then are deficient in iodine and sulphur.  Interesting, I thought, so that made be go back and check my records.   I found that there is, as I suspected a pattern. Many years ago Rosemary Waring wrote about a link between sulphur problems and the autistic spectrum http://www.researchgate.net/publication/232032839_Sulphur_Metabolism_in_Autism.

It is also well known that iodine is important for production of thyroxin, which in turn is vital for brain development.  It is also well known that the UK is borderline to deficient in iodine so that deficiency is common see this commentary on a study of 15-16 year old girls in the major cities of the UK: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-13034582

Rosemary Waring suggests that the sulphur problem is more likely to be an enzyme fault than an actual deficiency but that in increasing sulphur either as a supplement or in baths from Epsom salts can help.

So has my regime of increasing the levels  iodine and sulphur helped the children I have seen on the autistic spectrum? I hear you ask.

Matt (not his real name) age 17 struggling at college.  Found to be deficient in many minerals including iodine and sulphur.  Main problems were lack of energy, poor motivation, social difficulties.  Aged 18 went to university and I lost touch with him for a while.  Came back to see me ages 21 having done very well in computer graphics at university.  Made many friends but now has eczema and is again lethargic.  Found this time to be deficient in selenium which was having a major impact on his ability to breakdown and excrete both his own and environmental chemicals so that they were building up to toxic levels.  Soon after treating this deficiency he started his own business with friends and is the major salesman of the team.

Nigel (also not his name) aged 6 struggling at school both with academic work and social skills.  Behaviour often erratic.  Deficient in iodine and sulphur which was again affecting his biochemistry.  This is because the B group vitamins cannot be used in dietary form they have to be “activated”.  This process of activation is driven by enzymes, as are all processes in the body.  These enzymes need minerals plus other activated B group vitamins.  Iodine is essential to activate vitamin B2, Active B2 is essential to activate B6 and folic acid, active B6 is essential in the activation of B5 and folic acid.  This means that due to the iodine deficiency Nigel was not activating enough of these very important B group vitamins.  Nigel became a more active member at home and at school, a loving brother to his younger sister.   Mum says there are now no longer any symptoms of ASD

But it’s not as simple as iodine and sulphur deficiency.  Selenium deficiency is a common finding and the UK is also borderline to deficient in selenium.  Owen developed normally till aged 15 months when he became withdrawn, his behviour was frequently very difficult for his parents to manage.   Mother was convinced that this had something to do with the MMR vaccine and Owen was treated for several years by homeopathy.  His symptoms did improve but when he came to see me he still had many difficulties and was not managing at school.  He was really only able to learn from one to one tuition but this was not always possible.  Owen is now 10 and a well adjusted boy, doing well at school and in many sports.  Mum says you can no longer pick him out on the sports field due to his funny posture,  movement and lack of involvement.  Rugby is his favourite sport befitting of a Welshman.

My belief that ASD is multi-causal is supported by the number I see who had a problem with dairy;, another well documented finding:  http://www.peta.org/features/got-autism-learn-link-dairy-products-disease.

Another who had always displayed signs of ASD, though never diagnosed, was found to have coeliac disease and following a diet completely wheat free he became much more sociable and able to chat freely.  Talking to any one other than his immediate family was so difficult for him, that away from family he was almost mute.

I’m not saying that these treatments are a cure but from experience treating all likely causes can help tremendously.  All of these children are now adults and leading successful lives.

Diabetes management the natural way

I have just heard from a long standing client that her blood sugar levels are within normal limits having come off her prescribed medication.  This lady developed a raised blood sugar in her second pregnancy, which settled after the baby was born.  The same thing happened during the third pregnancy, when she came to see me and we controlled the blood sugar levels with zinc, magnesium and cinnamon.  After the baby was born the levels became normal again.  During her 4th pregnancy it was more difficult to control the blood sugar and after the baby was born the levels remained high.  At that time I wasn’t sure if this very busy lady continued with the supplements and she was eventually prescribed metformin by her GP.  Sometime later she came back to see me and we resumed the zinc, magnesium and cinnamon, adding vitamin D this time.  Hey presto blood sugar levels now within normal limits and the GP has not re prescribed any medication.  This lady’s mother has been diabetic for 30 years plus and both are over weight.

Indigestion and antacids #heartburn #protonpumpinhibiters

Many people routinely reach for antacids as a solution to indigestion.  Drs prescribe what are called proton pump inhibitors (PPI) but there is a problem with routinely taking bicarb and with PPI’s.  Digestion within the stomach requires acid, so by reducing stomach acid you are making digestion worse.  It could be that acid isn’t the problem, the stomach after all is used to being acid; should be acid.  Maybe the problem is lack of acid and leakage of bile into the stomach.  Bile is made by the liver and enters the top portion of the small intestine.  Bile is very alkaline.  The small intestine needs to be alkaline for the digestive enzymes that are secreted here to work.  Strong alkaline in the intestine does not result in symptoms but in the stomach it does.

As well as neutralising stomach acid bicarbonate of soda contains sodium and can result in an imbalance of the levels of potassium and sodium.  Too much sodium in the body will cause water to be retained resulting in pressure on the heart as it struggles to pump this extra volume.  To prevent this the kidneys have to work harder.  In the short term this is probably not a problem but when taken in excess over extended periods it can.

PPI’s work by reducing the production of acid by the stomach and as previously stated this acid is required to enable the stomach enzymes to work.  Acid in the stomach has another important function, it acts as a disinfectant; it literally kills ingested bugs preventing them from reaching the intestines and even into the blood.

For adequate digestion in the stomach the body needs magnesium, zinc and activated B6.  Activation of vitamin B6 needs magnesium and zinc.  So indigestion maybe a deficiency of the vitamin  but is far more likely to be a deficiency of one or both of the minerals.

Heartburn is more than  indigestion its probably caused by reflux.  Reflux is when some of the stomach contents are regurgitated into the esophagus (gullet).  The esophagus is used to a mild alkaline state so whether its acid or a strong alkaline the esophagus won’t like it.  Reflux should be prevented by contraction of a ring of muscle called a sphincter at the top of the stomach, where it joins the esophagus.  The sphincter may not keep tightly shut because the pressure behind is too strong, the stomach is too full, or gravity is working against it.  So keep meals small especially before bed, keep the head higher than the stomach when sleeping.  Wear loose clothes, so that the stomach isn’t under pressure and if its a cause lose some weight as abdominal fat will increase the pressure from outside the stomach.  Sleeping on your left side helps too because the esophagus enters the stomach toward the right side with greater capacity of volume of content to the left; sleeping on the left keeps the contents in this greater area minimising the risk of reflux.  And, although magnesium is a muscle relaxant its needed for energy, and holding that sphincter shut requires energy so a magnesium deficiency could also be a cause.

For further information go to: http://www.rodalenews.com/heartburn-natural-remedies



Antibiotic Resistance

We have all heard about infections that have become resistant to antibiotics, yet still people are asking or expecting antibiotics for virus infections even though they know that antibiotics are not effective against virus.  The trouble is that the more we expose bacteria to specific antibiotics the faster they can become resistant.  There is a lot of publicity about medical exposure but far less about the amount that we obtain from food.  Intensively farmed animals are routinely given antibiotics to prevent infection because they are  so closely packed together. Bigger animals such as cows are also routinely given antibiotics as growth enhancers.  Whenever we eat animals that have received these antibiotics we are also eating them too.  And, these animals frequently harbour antibiotic resistant bacteria, which we are also eating.  See Dr Mercola’s article 

So the preferred option has to be free range chickens and pork and wild caught fish.  We also need to demand that the government do more to stop farmers using antibiotics.  Garlic is a very good anti organism natural food, best eaten crushed and raw.