Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Commonly called tapping

“Optimists live longer, even if they’re wrong.

Mindset has a direct influence on our ability to heal. Our thoughts, attitudes, and past traumas actually affect us on a biological level and it’s more important than ever to recognize that mental and emotional health are part of whole-body health. 

When I say “trauma,” I’m not just referring to physical injuries or accidents.

I’m talking about deep emotional wounds or painful experiences we are holding onto in the body, oftentimes subconsciously. Situations that scarred us in childhood, the shock of witnessing an act of violence, or the grief we have for a lost loved one or failed relationship can fester, harming our mental, emotional, and physical states all at once.

Most of us have been traumatized in one way or another throughout life; many of us also carry around toxic beliefs”

This is a quote from Dr Mark Hyman a Dr specialising  in Functional Medicine.  https://drhyman.com/ Functional medicine looks for causes of illness using diet, supplements and a whole raft of other alternative approaches rather than a reliance on drugs,

I have just completed a 10 day course on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) popularly known as Tapping.  It was through Dr Hyman that I embarked on this course;

What I learned was just how effective EFT can be for dispelling the power of these traumas that all of us experience in life.  Working with children with a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties I think EFT could be a very powerful adjunct to my work  After all these children experience a great deal of stress; more than most other children.  This is because their brains are frequently wired differently so that the reaction to stress is increased; their brain chemistry is frequently out of balance, so again they experience more stress.  Having a learning difficulty makes you stand out from the crowd, with frequent evidence of failure within the school day.  This in itself is stressful, and then their is the reaction of others that can easily increase this sense of failure.

I can also see it being helpful for a number of my adult clients.  Getting the brain and body chemistry right is very important but it i also imperative that the stress is reduced, as stress is the biggest user of nutrients that there is.

As Dr Hyman states we all have experience from the past that is deeply rooted in our brains,  This is important because all new experience passes through the section of the brain that stores memories and colours each and every new experience and thought.  We learn to expect what today will bring based on our past.  Socialisation, teaching children to abide by certain social rules, is important but it frequently can cause feelings of guilt, failure, I got it wrong again.

Positive affirmation has gained a lot of publicity over the last decade,  This is because of the knowledge gained that the more we use a nerve pathway the stronger it becomes.  This works both ways, so that the more we think negatively, whether that be about ourselves, others, or life in general; the more we are likely to regurgitate these thoughts and the feelings that go along with them.  The more we have positive thoughts then the more those pathways grow, to hopefully replace the negative pathways.

I have used positive affirmation,  for myself and for clients, but have always had a discomfort with  the frequent denial of the negative.  We cant be positive all of the time; and we need to deal with our negative experience not just ignore it.  Confirming the negative,  in terms of its reality, impact, and cause, and then changing the negative charge into one that allows us to be more positive is how EFT works,  Having experienced EFT for the past 10 days I have a better understanding of not only how it works, but the fact that it does.  As Jessica Ortner http://www.jessicaortner.com/ one of the creators of the course  said  “to clear the garden of weeds, you first have to see the weeds”

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